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Your Health with Dr. Eric Grigsby-The Need for Research

Portrait of Dr Eric Grigsby in blue suit
CEO and Founder, Dr. Eric Grigsby
Your Health with Dr. Eric Grigsby” is brought to you by Neurovations, a patient care and innovations company, providing “The best care for every patient, every day”.
N3 Laboratories is a full-service, fully-accredited CLIA-certified reference laboratory. A part of Neurovations, N3 Laboratories has been serving the community of Napa County since 1992.
Neurovations Research, founded in 2010, is at the forefront of innovation in the field of pain and neuromodulation. CEO and founder Dr. Eric Grigsby has led clinical trials with more than fifty companies, partnering with industry leaders and early-stage companies in medical device (Phase I-IV) and pharmaceutical trials (Phase II-IV), including first-in-man medical device trials, double-blinded and placebo-controlled trials.
Our patient-centered approach creates success in rapid enrollment and quality trial management. Our investigator training facility helps us provide an unparalleled synergy of clinical research capabilities for pain management and neuroscience trials. We can provide site assessment and site qualifications services and we bring hands-on peer-to-peer mentoring to our investigators.

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